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About Me as a Designer

My name is Kristina; college graduate from Johnson & Wales University class of 2012 holding a Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics & New Media. I also have a working background in business and law. I am also the founder and owner of a small crafting business called Tylonproducts where I sell my hand made creations and crafts.

I always loved art. I knew my senior year of high school that design was something I had a passion for and really wanted to pursue. I never felt like it was work to me; it was something I enjoyed and loved doing. I enjoyed working with local clients small and large and also participating on non profit events. I also enjoy pushing boundaries and learning new things in various creative industries as well.

Professional Life

I am currently working full time as a Print & Packaging Specialist where I edit packaging art and concepts and adapt it to make sure it is within specs with the industry standards. I believe in creating this safety net for each and every individual I work with because I represent my clients and they represent me.


Personal Life

I enjoy working with a variety of crafts; such as Metal Art, Sewing Plush Animals and making Jewelry. I started Tylonproducts in 2004 and have watched it grow tremendously.  What started out as a funny place to post my art has grown into something so much more than I could have ever imagined. To think my identity and name has grown into a brand- when I have people messaging me about my products, people fighting over getting one of a kind items; people coming back to my sites; it truly is an honor to be able to create such items with such an impact. Each one has it’s own story and I love having people share their stories with me.

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I also have a love for some interesting animals. I have a Godendoodle pup (Daisy), a Tiger Salamander (Muffin), an Axolotl (Vicious- illustration above) and two African Clawed Frogs (one who is 19 years old!).

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