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I believe that showing often does more than telling

I have worked with large companies, small companies and non profits alike. I have always had a passion for art and design in general; but after I graduated college and took a step further; I was able to apply business and law to everything I do. I started looking into the different acts that apply to the different industries. I started to write up contracts for my work. I started to create a safety net for those I work with.

Listed on this page are a variety of the different services I have offered along with some examples and information.

Packaging & Print

While in college- I was lucky enough to start an internship my senior year introducing me to the industry of packaging. Who would have thought a year later I am working in that exact field!

What I love the most about packaging is the fact that it is the blueprints to something great. It allows you to apply a design and product to an actual tangible good; and with the laws in place- is is important to be able to design towards the law.

Web Design & WordPress Customization

I started working with general HTML and CSS in 7th grade. When I hit high school- I was interested in PHP and interactive based websites so I started to work more and more with WordPress. I found I could develop and customize a site in half the time it would take to completely hard code with the incredible tools that are out these days.

I work with WordPress primarily; however I have some experience with UI design (User Interface; Icons, enhancing a website’s look and feel). Pricing for this is based off what is needed. A domain (ie-, hosting (the domain points to this directory where your files and images are stored) and theme framework (the structure of the site) is required for the start of any site.

Prices vary for website start up. A general website (domain and hosting start up and theme) along with general customization ( icons, basic graphics) starting at $600.00 for a basic bundle. For more information and a custom quote- please contact me.

Custom Logo & mascot design is separate. I would be more than happy to provide you with a custom quote based off your project. Contact me for more details.

Prices vary by project. Please contact me for more information.



Graphic Design

While my degree from college focused a lot on general graphic design, I feel there is a lot more that goes into it than simply developing an idea. True design involves research, passion and dedication. I offer a broad base of general design services fit for both personal and commercial needs. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Poster/ Brochure/ Post card/ Business Card/ Banner/ Marketing Material Design
  • Logo & Branding Identity
  • Packaging Art (Artwork to be used on your packaging)
  • Icons & Web-based graphics (Website ADS, banners, advertisements etc)


I have always enjoyed illustration and drawing in general. I try to work with a variety of fun styles to bring forth different character effects and traits; everything from fun child book like characters to fantasy based creature and character concept art.

I also design/ illustrate mascot to be incorporated into logos/ brands.

I will draw and work with the following: Character/ Creature Design, Concept Art, Storybook Illustration, Icon-based art, “Flat/ Vector” styled artwork. You can see some examples under my portfolio to find a style that best suits what you are working for. 

I WILL NOT work with ANY FANART or characters that are copywritten! 

Prices vary based off complexity and project.

Social Media

With social media taking the market by storm these days- no wonder everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon and see what it is all about! Are you looking to integrate social media into your website? With WordPress- this is all possible. Implement Facebook events, fan pages, twitter accounts and more into your website through social media plugins designed for your own custom needs.

If you are in need of other custom social options (blogging, facebook graphics, online store graphics/ banners- etc) I would be more than happy to discuss your project ideas!

Looking for a new Online Identity?

Do you like what you see here? Interested in starting a project but have no idea where to turn? fill out the form to the right to the best of your knowledge and I will try my best to respond within 24 hours. Please be aware that each and every project will be customized based off the amount of work and the time needed to complete. Projects in need of third party materials (ie- Professional printing, business cards, etc) will be calculated into the pricing. Project scope, payment and terms will be discussed in the contract forms I provide.



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